Amina Mude the wife of media personality Ben Kitili was hard pressed to call out a number of men who keep trolling her for her religious choices.

They criticised her for posting a video of her dancing with her husband as he celebrated his birthday.

"Allow me to rant, yesterday was my hubby's birthday and I posted videos of me and him having fun and that is what we do and and I mean we are adults. the reason why I'm here is that I spent the whole day deleting negative comments and blocking people. the reason why I do that is because I hate negativity on my page," Amina explained.

She went on to point out that the trolls need to mind their own business and stop judging her.

"Why on earth would you come from where you are coming from, I don't know where you live, what you do with your life and decide to follow me, decide to see my lifestyle and disagree with me and you still continue following me. why?"

She continued,

"if you feel like you need to advice me, do it once and do it politely. don't constantly keep on advising me. kwanza if you read my inbox, it is full of men, I will be blunt, somali men, trolling me. telling me I'm a wh*re, I will go to hell because I'm this and that, why on earth would you take your sweet time to come and follow me if you feel like I'm this person who is going to go to hell?"

Amina noted, "I'm sick and tired of this, I always keep quiet about this..."


"i decide what i want to do with my life. it is the holy month of Ramadan, what are you doing on my page? you holier than thou, you that will go to heaven and open the doors for the rest. please take that time leave social media leave us the sinners in social media instead of taking that time to come kunitukana."

She continued,

"I'm married to ben, I will never change that I live like that, I dress the way I dress, I can wear a headscarf or not if it is wrong, I'm over 18 years old I have been taught this things, I know, you will not be the one coming to tell me that."

Amina pointed out that the constant negativity is getting to her.

This is getting to me, you don't know when you troll someone, you don't know who they are or their life, I'm begging you, if you disagree with me, don't tell me, I know, you are not the first person to tell me I will go to hell.

Amina said they write to her long paragraphs in Somali,

"I don't know I cannot read it Somali. Those who love me and care for me genuinely will pray for me. and I love you too. Stop trolling me."