The content creator and music production student Dash - real names Bonface Waiti - got the interwebs talking when he shot a TikTok video showing the effects of the curfew on his life.

The video went viral.

In the clip, he filmed how he has had to cut down on his expenses. He moved from a Ksh 6,000 house to a Ksh 1200 one-room iron sheet house with no electricity, to avoid being homeless. This is due to the loss of income.

In the video, a visibly frustrated Dash addressed the Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta,

He said,

"Yo, prezzo,

Unajiulizanaga unatoa wapi chakula? Ama ushai kaa hivi ukajiuliza rent tutatoa wapi?

Juu umenitoa huko saa umenileta hapa!

Next month sijui kama unataka kunirusha kwa street?

Manze, Do you even care?"

Watch the video below.

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Speaking to Mpasho on a phone interview, Dash said he shot the video because he was very frustrated and he had an inkling maybe the president has no idea how citizens are suffering.

"I felt like we are not being heard and we are suffering and I was wondering why is it that people are not speaking out? so I thought to myself, why not share my opinion and my experience?"

The video went viral, it has been shared across many platforms with people calling him asking if it is true but none has really helped him.

Before the curfew, Dash's hustle included content creation during the day and hawking outfits in the CBD at night during the rush hour. He would get a commission from the evening hustle which was his main source of income. But with the curfew, that means no income is forthcoming.

"Right now I cannot even record my content because I do not have electricity WHERE I STAY, And I was borrowing a camera from my pal to shoot content. I have to take my phone someplace else to be charged , that is why you did not get me on the phone for a while. I was USING my phone BEFORE BUT THE QUALITY IS NOT AS GOOD AS A CAMERA."

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"I would like to ask for only one thing, my passion is shooting content, editing it and uploading it on my YouTube Channel. I would like to request a camera, lights and a laptop, I will work hard and churn out the content."

Asked what he will eat in the evening seeing as his hustle in town is no longer there, Dash said,

"Here, once you miss a meal you just survive, If you get one it will keep you going till the next one. I have debts at the kiosk so I cannot go get anything to eat. I will see how it goes. Like today, I'm not sure..."

Dash is hopeful that the president will open up the country and allow him to hustle. He is not asking for handouts, he just wants a chance to earn a living.