Rapper Cashy Karimi is mourning the sudden death of her dad.

She announced the sad news on her social media through a tribute statement.

"I have lost my hero.

The person who always held my hand.

I can still feel his warmth. I still hear his voice," Cashy wrote.

Read the rest of the heartwarming tribute to her father.

You come up in all my conversations because you were forever present.

How do I say goodbye to my mentor? The kindest, wisest Gentleman I ever met. An amazing husband and a good man. You taught me real love, care and commitment, just by who you proved to be since the day I showed up in your world.

You’ve kept me safe and showed me the way. Did your best for us, and we know it. You’ve been there when I failed and always helped me get back up.

I’ve felt many things but none compares to this. Nothing could have prepared me for it.

You were touched by the light.

I pray that it was beautiful.

You lived well and you fought well.

I will forever admire you for your courage, Dad.

I am heartbroken, because no one can fill this gap. I am honoured by how you loved me, showed me respect and protected me. I’ve been brave because you taught me to be. I knew you had my back. You always showed up.

I am humbled by the lessons from my Father. My number one. I was blessed with the best.

I wish you lived to guide us, as we find our way. I wish I could keep seeing through your eyes; in all our jokes, discussions, plans and dreams.

I have trusted no one more than you.

I’m truly broken. Heaven knows how many times you got me out of trouble, how deeply you’ve shared in my joy and how easy you’ve made it all seem for everyone around you.

We stay thankful for having you, Chairman.

It’s not the same.

For how beautiful you have been to my son, your Grandson, nothing could be more precious. I honestly cannot explain this devastation.

Your flame still burns, and your legacy lives on. I salute you.

Rest in paradise Snr. Sgt, Sir.

Rest well.