Singer Kendi has bared it all, her pain, her anger, her sorrow and fears in a video online, showing her sobbing uncontrollably.

The star's dad is ailing from cancer and is currently receiving treatment. Announcing this news, Kendi posted a long statement.

"To any judgemental people out there who will be like why put this on social media blah blah please just scroll past my post.

The first two pictures that's the dad I know the third picture I can't even look at it and not cry😭😭.

Anyone who knows me personally knows how close I am to both my parents and my dad is my best friend like we are very close always encouraging me and standing by me no matter what.

You know he paid for my first song at calif records and even took me there himself we travelled from Meru together and he even rented a place for me for a few years till I was able to look after myself. He makes sure he visits me regularly he even visited me last year in August and he was ok. When I went home a month ago I couldn't believe it. And you know over the phone everyone told me they were fine. (They hate to see me worry).

And we talk twice every day now this same dad can't even talk to me for 2 minutes 😭😭😭

We have had so many tests done just to be sure or rather coz we were in denial coz we love him so much coz Cancer is not something any of us want their loved ones to have but we aren't so lucky but we will help him fight and be there for him.

Today has been hard. Please pray for my dad and my family that's all I'm asking for.

Please be kind to people they seem ok but most of us aren't but we live anyway. F***k Cancer😡😡😡😡."

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However, Kendi has pointed out that she doesn't have the support system she thought she had.

"This is hard for me 😭 I really hoped I could do this and talk to you guys about this but I can't. I will talk to you guys some other time. And to SOME of my so-called friends thank you so much for doing absolutely nothing. I'm always there for people but now they aren't there for me," Kendi called them out.


"When y'all wanna sell something to me or make money from me you always know where my number is on your phone books but now none of you can call??"

Kendi shared a very raw video of her sobbing and begging her fans to step in for her and pray for her dad's recovery.

"I can get myself to pray because I'm soo angry, I have questions, this is too much, please pray for my Dad."

Letting out sobs, Kendi continued, "Oh my God, pray for my dad, pray pray pray. I have really tried myself to pray, I cannot get myself to pray I have questions, it is too much, Pray for my dad please, I'm begging you pray, pray..."

She finished off the video begging her fans to "Just pray" for her dad, herself and the family during these hard times.

From Mpasho we wish her dad a quick recovery. Drop a comforting word for Kendi on her social media and also pray for the dad and the family.

Here are some encouraging messages sent to Kendi by fans.