For the better part of this week, Reverend Natasha has had to deal with bitter critique

over her arm tattoo.

The founder of the Oracle of God ministries innocently shared photos and videos as she took the Covid-19 vaccine on Monday at RFH Healthcare.

What stunned many of her followers was the bold tattoo on her upper left arm that screamed, "Oracle".

The photos showed the flamboyant preacher receiving her jab on her upper left arm which bears a tattoo emblazoned with the word ‘Oracle’.

The debate raged on with bible verses being used in support of the blanket condemnation against the Reverend.

She has now responded and is not taking the attacks personally.

Natasha wrote on her social media,

“One of the hardest struggles you’ll encounter in life is finding the strength and courage to do what God is calling you to do.

She added,

“Don’t let the critics, naysayers, or negative people discourage you from obedience. As much as we would love the complete approval, acceptance, and support of others, we may not always get it. Nevertheless, we must continue to be obedient."

Reverend Natasha noted,

“People ONLY affect your life when you allow them to. No one else is supposed to understand your calling like you. It wasn’t a conference call! #WisdomOfLife.”