A 24-hour Instagram Live marathon started at noon in Kenya will feature top Kenyan celebrities in a bid to raise Ksh 10m for Little Ayah.

She was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) and the family needs to raise $2.5 million for the most expensive one-time dose gene therapy treatment (ZolgenSMA) that she requires.

There is a race against time as Little Ayah's prognosis has few months remaining.

Today, the aim of the Live is to meet the target and exceed it to ensure that Little Ayah gets the treatment before she turns two years old. She turns 15 months on the 15th of this month.

Comedian Eric Omondi who was the first one on the Live told over 2,000 followers, "If we don't become a part of this she will not get help, the more ayah grows older the more the muscles deteriorate, we are rushing against time, we are at 127m, we cannot slow down, we have to give to save Little Ayah and secure her health."

Mama Ayah - Mary Kathure Mithika - fought back tears on Instagram Live saying,

"even right now she is losing the muscles and she will not get it back even if she gets the medicine, she needs the medicine now.

Giving an update she said,

"we have started the process with Bolton medical facility but they need the confirmation that we have the money before they proceed with other preparations the problem is if a hospital wanted to help us they still need to but the drug. The treatment cost Euros 600 (Ksh 77m). It is a one time shot that is administered through a lumbar puncture."

The marathon will be on all day and night till Easter Monday at noon.