Rapper Nyashinski's wedding to Zipporah Bett was very low key. They had been dating for quite some time before they made the union official.

Nyashinski droped a number of cute, emotion inducing songs like Hello, Malaika and Bebi Bebi. In hindsight we now know who inspired the lyrical wordsmith.

The two tied the knot in November 2019 in a traditional ceremony called Kotio.

Here are six reasons why Nyashinski fell head over heels for Zipporah.

She is an entrepreneur

Zipporah Bett owns her own fashion brand dubbed Zia. The designs she sells are high end dresses and the clientele is not just anyone. This goes to prove she has the much desired business acumen to run a successful company.

She is disciplined

Zia shocked many of her fans when she unveiled her new body a year after welcoming her first child with Nyashinski. This feat was achieved thanks to her being disciplined and keeping to a strict diet and exercise regimen.

She is a private person

Nyashinki managed to keep his dating life out of the headlines because the other half of the relationship also kept their love life on the down low. They don't even follow each other on social media.

She is stunning

You just have to look at Zipporah Bett and behold the beauty and stunning aura that floored Nyashinki. He had no option but to fall hard for her.

She is a fashionista

Zipporah has a trendy fashion sense that is cute, attractive and wifely. She is the perfect wife material.