President Uhuru Kenyatta's look-a-like, Michael Njogo Gitonga, packed and left a 4-bedroom house he was gifted and returned to Umoja, a neighbourhood that he and his family had gotten used to.

Speaking to a vlogger, Michael said,

"Huko nilihama. hiyo keja ni kuenjoiwa tuu. utaenda mahali maisha iko juu an watu hawakusaidii. watu wanataka tuu kukutumia. they take advantage of you."


"They want to use you to advertise their products using you."

Michael explained,

"I had shifted with my family and stayed there for four months. Wakati niliona madharau inaingia, mimi nikajichuja nikarudi mtaani."

Asked, if it was a money issue. Michael said,

"No. Nothing like that."

He continued,

"Now I'm looking for construction jobs, mimi ni fundi wa nyumba."

Asked if he has ever met Uhuru, he said,

"I don't know if he knows about me. I haven't talked to him yet. Right now I'm looking for a job to hustle for my future."

Asked how the family deals with him going viral and being linked to Uhuru Kenyatta, he smiled and explained.

"Familia iko poa, my children are going to school they are used to being told their dad looks like the president. Lazima watampiga jokes washazoea because it is something that is well known."