KTN news anchor Akisa Wandera has warned her fans and followers that they need to be extra careful during this pandemic.

In a tweet, she revealed that she is recovering after contracting the virus.

"Daily reminder to wear your mask and take all necessary precautions. That virus has shown me terrible things these past two weeks... But thank God we're almost fully recovered."


"Take care of yourselves."

Here are some reactions from KOT.

Oliver Mathenge: Get well soon, Akisa.

Tina Kris: Pole. Glad you are getting better.

Mac Otani: Pole osiepna. It shall be well.

Aldid Nabongo: If it's a mask,use the kutenge one not this one

Eliana:  Am glad to hear that you doing great my sister

No wonder you went missing after our DM conversation clarity on the PANGOLIN

Ama was it the the damn animal PANGOLIN taking its revenge since you had wrongly blamed it for covid19 origin

I thank God for healing you

Shiksha Arora: Glad to hear you’re feeling better Red heartFolded hands

Ronny Reagan: Quickest recovery mummy I love you so much. Happy New Month and take care mummy.