The abundance of talent and glamour isn’t the only thing seasoned crooner Avril has, here’s another - shoes!

Speaking to Azziad on her YouTube show, Shoe Game With Azziad, the enduring singer divulged that she owns a vast over 100 pair of shoes.

To put that into perspective, if she were to wear a pair a day, it would take her 3 months and 10 days give or take to start the cycle again.

Avril disclosed that she had to build a bespoke closet so all her shoes could fit neatly in one place.

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Owing to her short stature, which she puts at 5’0, she has a penchant for high heels and boots to augment her height, also adding that she is so used to heels that they don’t hurt her feet.

She imparted that the impressive shoe collection has been acquired not only from Kenya but also from her visits to different countries.

Avril revealed that she has shoes dating back to more than seven years ago.

The singer pointed out herself as having the female artiste with the best shoe game, nominating singer cum producer J Blessing as the best in the male industry and Dr King’ori with the lousiest taste yet.