Veteran gospel icon Reuben Kigame has narrated how he though last night was his last time on earth after he had a health scare.

Read his post below.

Last night I had a mini scare. I thought I was going. It’s not that I am scared of dying. My hope in Christ is more secure than insurance and my place in heaven more certain than bank savings. That is why I preach and sing the Gospel: The Good News that in the cross of Christ sins are forgiven and in His resurrection death is conquered. I have had some health issues recently, but this was the worst night since 2017 when pneumonia almost took my life. As I preached to my family this morning, I counted my blessings one more time. Life, good health and strength in these bodies to keep going and to do what we do are real blessings we take for granted so easily, especially when the routines are rolling along.

This is social media, so I write with full knowledge that I am saying what I am saying to some real genuine friends who really love and appreciate me, but also to many, many cynics as well as enemies of my causes, some who certainly wish I had disappeared from the earth many years ago. Some of you will read this and simply hit a Like or, as many of my Christian friends do, simply write “amen” and move on.

The fact that I can put my fingers on the laptop and create this post with all the inconveniences I have lived with, the fact that I can pick up the guitar, piano or drum set and make music to God, or prepare and preach a sermon is a sheer act of unmerited favour. The fact that I can stand before a college class and deliver a lecture to impart knowledge to dozens of Masters students or do so via Zoom, write a book, address the nation or simply put content on YouTube and Twitter, may look ordinary to many of you, but it is a marvel at the end of every single day.

So you will go to a restaurant and order your favourite meal, mug of tea, shake or coffee; you enjoy every bite or sip and thank God you can afford it; but quite easily you may have forgotten how many people can afford such and more but have to be fed intravenously!

Looking back, I am truly thankful to all of you that showed up for the many concerts we had as Sifa Voices and I did what we could to faithfully share worship moments with you. I thank God for the schools, colleges and churches that invited the team and I to speak, counsel or deal with intellectual challenges to the Gospel. Now this looks almost impossible to do. I thank God for those of you that watched our programmes and services online last year when we could do it and when we had the support. I even thank God for those who enjoyed our radio programmes when we did radio. As our energy continues to be challenged, some of us, and ministry door after another continues to close on us, we look back with fond memories and deep gratitude, saying, we did our best and we will yet do just that with the breath we still have. As I reflected on the privilege of serving God and serving you as His people, a passage Paul penned to the Corinthians came alive:

“But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us. We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.” 2 Corinthians 4:7-9

Things may no longer be the same. Due to health and economic challenges, I have to slow down considerably this year, but I will never stop serving my maker and all of you wonderful people made in His image. I have challenges with my voice now and trust God for full restoration, but I will not stop singing or sharing His truth – spoken and written. I am thankful that Christ chose and set me apart to wear His name and be an ambassador of His truth. I am also thankful that I could even write this.