After months of silence and bland content on her social media, Vera Sidika and her husband Brown Mauzo may be nesting. Vera has let is slip that she maybe pregnant.

In a video posted by Brown Mauzo, the couple can be seen sharing a meal. Vera is wearing a loosely fitting dera.

Brown teases Vera asking her why she is eating a lot. He asked her why she served both beans and beef adding that she has also consumed a sizable amount of vegetables.

Not impressed with this line of questioning, Vera let it slip that she is eating for two.

"Guys i'm eating for two. Hii madondo ni mtoto anataka kukula," Vera said.


"Babe, wachana na mimi. That joke is a dry joke n*gga."

Of late, Vera has not posted any salacious photos as she is known for doing.

She has kept a pretty low key, laying low like a printing paper.

Watch the video below.

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