A video clip of Otile Brown defending himself over the failed relationship he had with Vera Sidika has been revived.

This is after Vera's hubby, Brown Mauzo unleashed a Valentine's song dedicated to her.

In the clip, Otile was being interviewed by Block 89 radio hosts on Wasafi FM a year ago.

Otile said, "Mimi ni msani ambaye nilikua nikifanya vyema kabla Vera (I was a known artiste way before Vera came into my life.)"

He continued, "Sikumtongoza Vera. People don't understand that. She reached out to me. She would call me alot. This was around the time i had done the song called Chaguo La Moyo."


"I never desired her romantically. I want to clear this once and for all. I have been a gentleman and kept quiet and people think I'm  the one on the wrong. I never stalked her she reached out to me."

Now, Vera is reported to be married to coast based artiste Brown Mauzo.

The couple has kept their relationship away from the public limelight.

Mauzo confirmed that he married Vera and it is not a gimmick or publicity stunt.

In the lyrics Mauzo sings,

"Penzi lako mizani halipimiki. Wife material sio kiki...nobody like you."

Watch the Valentine's video here.