Self-proclaimed president of single mothers Akothee is not entertaining trolls this year. She serves them hot and savage responses as they come.

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Akothee shared photos of her new dogs but one of her followers decided to troll her dogs, claiming they resembled demons.

'These ones look like sea demons, far from the dog family, are you sure these are dogs?'  read the fan's comment.

The mother of five fired back at the follower and jokingly said the dogs are meant to bring her riches.

'No, they are from Illuminati family, they will bring me wealth, just stay on this page and see.'

The singer has declared war on trolls, revealing that she will not spare anyone who gets into her space.

'The only thing that makes you think we are the same is bundles 😂😂😂 but in real life you know Lanes is Lanes doesn't matter how it came, it's LANES MY FriEND 😂😂

2021 SIWEKI MUTU HATA KWENU NITAKUJA. STOP WATCHINg PEOPLE'S LIVES FROM A JEALOUS POINT OF VIEW 😂😂😂 YOU WON'T WIN. How many prostitutes in your village own a motorbike?' she posted.

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