Here is a list of celebrities who have poured their hearts and souls into their hustle.

For them, it is a labour of love and they will do absolutely anything to see their dream come through, through their hustle.

This 2021, here are personalities you should emulate if you want to enjoy success

Betty Kyallo

This media personality has always been known for her prowess as a news anchor but she has evolved to be the most looked up to businesswoman under 40. Her beauty parlour Flair by Betty Kyallo has redefined the beauty industry.

Larry Madowo

Larry's dream growing up was how he will conquer the world. He moved from being an anchor on NTV to commanding audiences across the globe on BBC World News.

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Chris Kirubi

He is a renowned businessman who owns various business ventures. His businesses have flourished and given him the opportunity to own luxurious rides and swanky home.


This Kiss FM presenter was spotted by the late Papa Shirandula - real name Charles Bukeko - and cast on his popular TV show. Jalango went to be a great radio presenter to commanding great audiences online via his YouTube.

Amina Abdi

Nothing says powerhouse like Amina Abdi. This boss lady has proven that you cannot limit your self to just one job title. For Amina, the sky is the starting point.

Maina Kageni

The king of radio has redefined what longevity is and his secret lies on how to remain relevant and still influence the masses. Maina is a brand that turns anything he touches into gold, he is the modern-day King Midas.

Elsa Majimbo

When it comes to consistency, Elsa Majimbo knows that beat. She has consistently churned out content for her audiences that pushed her to the top of the list of the funniest social media personalities of 2020. Everyone took notice, from Rihanna to Naomi Campbell. This has landed her a job in Los Angeles where she will be relocating to sooooooooon.

Sauti Sol

These sons of the sun have been shinning bitter than diamonds. But all this is thanks to the hard work they have put in, to woe the masses and to get them to swing to their beat and emulate their fashion sense.

Mc Jessy

This comedian started out as a houseboy, hustled his way into hosting Churchill Raw and now is doing his own production of Jessy Junction.