Drama continues to unfold in Diamond Platnumz' family. From his mother, Mama Dangote, revealing that Mzee Abdul Juma isn't the star's father to Ricardo Momo's wife being accused of sleeping with her brother-in-law.

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Well, Ricardo's wife Malaika, who is not seeing eye to eye with Esma because she was accused her of having an affair with her ex-husband Mzizwa, now claims that the mother of two is back with her baby daddy.

Speaking in an interview, Malaika accused Esma of trying to make her look bad.

'Esma amerudiana na mzazi mwenziwe Petit Man na hakuna asiyejua. Kaachane na mume wake [Msizwa] karudi kwa baby daddy wake. Kwa hivyo, asinichafulie mimi nikaachika au nikaonekane kwa jamii mbaya kwa sababu anataka kuaminisha watu kwamba mimi ndio tatizo. Mimi sio tatizo,' she said.

The two were best friends but recently fell out after Diamond's sister found out that her sister-in-law was having an affair with Msizwa.

In an interview with a popular Tanzanian blogger, Esma said,

MALAIKA NA MSIZWA WALIKUWA WAPENZI NA MPAKA ALIMPELEKA HADI SOUTH AFRiCA. OFISINI KWETU WANAJUA WALIKUWA WAPENZI WAKATI NILIKUWA Mgonjwa. KUNA SIKU WALIKUJA SAA SITA USIKU WAMELEWA [Malaika and Msizwa were lovers and at some point he flew her to South Africa. Everyone at home knows about it. There's a time when I was sick and they came back home drunk late in the night].

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