Kameme TV and K24 TV director Joshua Ng'ang'a Wambui who went missing on January 8, 2021, is dead.

A few days later, his body was found hanging from a tree somewhere in Kiambu county.

His death was announced by Kameme TV presenter Wangechi wa Kariuki, who was also a close friend to him.

'Unfortunately wamullar as we called each other is no more ..😭😭😭😭😭😭

Josh may you find peace in death😭but how I wish you told us what was bothering you, why did you allow us to have that easy time laughter, jokes then quietly go and hang yourself. Why 😭😭😭. It has broken me 😭😭😭' she wrote.

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Messages of condolences include;

Jones Ranjooh I lost a dear friend and very close colleague of mine during the hard times of January. Soon you will be laid to rest. The vacuum you created is huge and irreplaceable. Every time I look at your pictures, it brings me joy. But then, thoughts of never seeing you here on earth again brings me grief, tears dropping from eyes like rain falling because you have not lived your life to the fullest before death came knocking. However, who am i to question the plan and purpose of the creator of the universe?, sometimes it's not meant for us human to comprehend. For everything there's a season, a season to every creature under the heaven, a time to born, and a time die. I love you and will continue to miss you. Believing to meet you again.

Josh as we used to call you bro.

Charity Wangari May he shine on his way depression is real I was once depressed its only talk especially men they fear being despised sorry for your loss its well with our soul

Shiko Gitau My condolences to the family Rest in Peace Ngash😭😭😭

Munywoki Emmanuel I knew Josh manzee. The news broke me. May his soul rest in peace

Sweetie Nonni My condolences to you and the family

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