Radio King Maina Kageni likes to keep his private life under wraps. He rarely talks about or posts photos of his family on social media apart from special occasions.

The Classic 105 presenter shared a photo posing with a baby boy, who bears a freakish resemblance to him, celebrating his birthday.

'Happy birthday Young King...... I love you.... may the best of your today be the worst of your tomorrow..... greatness is betrothed to you!!!!!!!' he wrote.

It's not clear whether the little boy is his son or a close relative.

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His fans were awwed and below are their messages;

joangikonyo It’s the doppelgänger cheekbones for me. Happy birthday to the lad

Nyagaturi Karinga Atleast Maina now I know uko sawa....was worried about you.

Happy birthday to the young champion.

Nyatichi Aruya Happy birthday to the handsome young one.

Agnes Kahiga Happy birthday to the young man who resembles you

Jeff Mutiso VAR checking for a possible relative!! Happy birthday to the young one

ka_bebz_ U look together ooohhhh, happy born day lil champs

lauramaritim I see you have been working in silence..😂😂

geoggys Finally 🤣 dad and son

davykesh People been telling Maina everything and he be hiding things from us #lemmitellyuMaina #nierekengwire😀

giftclarehudsons Happiest birthday King... Thou they look alike

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gracewnjuguna66 Happy Birthday to the Adorable Prince ❤️❤️❤️

kangwanaoyaro Why do you look alike Maina?

angiemuthoni95 Maina. This boy must be your son. Cheeks, nose...

symonnie_mynnah Ako wapi mama ebu mtag tupate uhondo

rozi.sheary You guys look together.... happy birthday little one

poet_kigen Happy birthday to the little champ. @mainawakageni ulisema utaoa lini😂😂

bakule_cherongos Happy birthday to the young man, not a year older but a year better 🎉🎈🎂