Ngori to Glory: Top celebs who went from secular to gospel

Piece by: Joy Mburu

We are used of people being swayed by the world and moving from gospel to secular but vice versa not quite.

The perception that the secular industry is more fun and has more money can be reason for one to move from gospel to secular.

However, leaving all the hype, money and fun of secular to go to gospel is rarely heard of.

Here are a few top celebrities left the secular industry for gospel music.

Size 8

It came as a shock to many, no one would have ever imagined that the Shamba Boy hitmaker would one day be spreading the word of God, she converted shortly before getting married and from then has been an official gospel singer.

"I have no regrets converting."


The wife to the legendary Nameless, we can all still remember her hits like Still a Liar but around 2016, she moved to gospel music.

In an interview she stated, " It wasn't a career decision it was out of the overflow of the heart. I have always felt I needed to walk closer with God."


Bad Boy hitmaker decided to shock fans by shifting and becoming a gospel artist.

We don’t really hear much from her after that. She gave her reason for converting in an interview.

She said, "I got very exhausted and tired of being a secular singer it got to a point where I was so exhausted and tired I started getting irritable."

Lady Bee 

She was booming as part of Calif Records her cousin being Nonini she had all she needed to make it big in the secular industry but in 2012 after battling drug addiction she changed from secular to gospel.

"as I got born again nilitaka kujua purposefully what God wanted me to do."


He started off his career as a secular artiste in 2001 as part of Kleptomaniax. Years later he decide otherwise.

Speaking to Amina he said, "I have started from a different spring board, Phoebe his wife was instrumental towards his salvation."