Nairobian's please listen up.

This is how to behave when your relative, neighbour or workmate gives you a lift to go see your parents or grandparents.

1. Keep time

2. Don't put your arms on the window like a boss

3. If he (the car owner) is travelling with his family, take a back seat. Don't jostle for the front seat with the wife.

4. Don't turn yourself into a D.J. if he has tuned to Mayieng/Sulwe/ Chamgei FM don't switch to classic FM

5. Ask before you roll the window down, A/c etc. It may be faulty

6. If you notice the car owner is traveling with a woman other than wife, don't start asking him how his family is doing it might be that the car owner told the young lady that he is single (just incase she is available).

7. Avoid stupid questions like "how much does a car like this cost".

8. Don't turn the car into a pick up so that you go buying charcoal, potatoes, boiled bananas etc along the road. Did you hire the car?

9. Note: not all hitch-hickers journeys end at Ambassadeaur hotel. Accept to alight anywhere in Nairobi

10. Carry appropriate items. Don't carry chicken, duck, puppy, chang'aa etc lest you leave your clansman car dirty.

11. Before you hitch a lift ensure you bathe and don't eat a cocktail of all manner of food eg a mixed meal of mbuta and matumbo means you will be belching in your clansman car

throughout the journey

12. Don't be too stingy or fear to dig deep into your pocket. Even if you are broke, you can buy roasted maize for others in the car to