Media personality Jacque Maribe has narrated how her father, Mwangi Maribe, got hardcore fans. This is after he made headlines for standing by his daughter throughout the much-publicised murder trial of businesswoman Monicah Kimani.

Mwangi was at the forefront of declaring the innocence of his daughter and lending his fatherly support to Jacque.

Speaking to True Love's Carole Mandi, Jacque detailed how her dad won or die-hard fans.

"My dad has become such a beacon of hope to people who did not know me but had seen my dad in court. They would come to Langata not to see me, to see him. They would ask him, 'how can you stand by your daughter like that?'

Jacque explained that her family stood by her without any judgement. This was during Jacque's 18-day incarceration at Langata Women's Prison.

"My mother is a prayer warrior of the family. And my sisters, they never once turned their back on me or questioned my guilt or innocence."

Jacque's dad was the talk of the town from the moment Jacque was arrested in connection to the murder of Monica Kimani.

Here are heartwarming photos of Jacque and the dad in court.