Every woman yearns for a sexy body especially in an era where physical beauty among women is praised.

Just recently, former Nairobi diaries socialite Risper Faith had her liposuction surgery done in order to attain that hourglass figure she once had.

After giving birth the story for most women changes to the point of most losing confidence after the baby weight sets in.

It was the same story for Risper but for singer Akothee her body is like that of a teenage girl or a fitness guru in spite of being a mother of five, so what is the secret?

Akothee on her instagram page shared with her fans her morning fitness routine to keep her body rocking while in Kisumu.

The ‘sweet love’ hit maker who does not shun from openly expressing her views no matter how controversial they may seem has amassed a large fan base who are keen on following her day to day life.

On Thursday, the singer posted a video of herself working out and fans cannot help but praise her dedication and strength on her fitness journey.

This is because as you all know working out is not a piece of cake with team mafisi thirsting for a piece of her.


The business woman who is also promoting her latest single ‘Dendeyom’, further shared videos on her instagram story working out in a quiet and peaceful environment in Kisumu.

Akothee on her morning routine was running to and fro outdoors dressed in a sports wear that revealed her gorgeous body.

The exercises also included some indoor leg works out to tone her body.