It won't be long before Rnb star Otile Brown and his bae, Nabbi, walk down the aisle.

Nabbie addressed the matter of impending nuptials during an Instagram Live session.

Nabbi explained to her fans how she met Otile.

"We met in Australia, but actually, we meet before that we used to know each other, just as friends on social media on Instagram. we used to talk a lot but we personally met face to face in Australia when he came for work and yeah, we were together the whole time in Australia and then I came to Kenya to visit him. And the rest is the story that you all know."

One fan asked her, "Is it hard dating a celebrity of or a musician?"

Nabbi responded, "I don't know, you cannot really generalise. It depends on who the person is whether a celebrity or not. it depends on if what you guys have is real and you have a real connection and if there is respect and truth."

She continued,

"Respect is more important than love.  if what you have is real and you have that serious serious chemistry even when things get hard you will find a way to get through it. That is what I believe, I'm a very optimistic person. sometimes it is not good to be too naive but I prefer that than to be bitter or be negative about things too much. if it works it works if it doesn't it doesn't but you remain positive. I'm talking about respect in relationships and every kind of ship. because it is very important."

Another nosey fan pointed out, "I'm smelling a wedding this time round!"

"Mmmmh, please lets keep manifesting that," Nabbi said with a cute laugh, "that is good. lets keep pushing."


"I'm growing old now, so.... maybe, who knows. You never know.

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