Kenyans are a funny lot. They have not yet read the BBI report but they already have a strong take on Ben Githae's BBI song.

What they know for a fact is, Ben Githae should not release the full track of his teaser BBI song.

If you haven't heard it check it out below.

“I recorded the song, that is my voice. I plan to release the full song soon. I will issue more details about the song in due time,” said Githae.

In the song, he drums up support for BBI and the song has already been christened, 'Tuungane na BBI'.

Here are KOT's hilarious takes on the song, #IfiekieBenGithae.

@EldBlogger: Can't blame that Ben Githae guy...alikuwa anajaribu tu kukafunga like many of us...most of you mngepata that opportunity you wouldn't think twice.

@warmurd: @danaceda you have decided to spread makasiriko kabisa? Someone will listen to it in their expensive airpods.

@Mwennde__: I can't explain how my chest constricted in anger after hearing this, the same way I feel when I hear anyone supporting BBI, that cursed document will be the start of bigger problems for Kenyans.

@QuincyJonesK: Amesahau kuongeza "happy birthday Jayden"

@njorogemichael2: Ooh Lord! who dared this guy?