Emotional letter from DJ Mo's fan! Dear 'Hide my ID' gang...

Piece by: kim koima

There is a reason people have sex in private, we are not animals.

Imagine you are just walking in town at noon and you find people pinned against the wall moaning, you see this almost on every street, it would totally blow your mind.

Sex has been enjoyed all these years because it’s just the two or three of you enjoying the gifts of the flesh, privately!

If you have been keeping up with what’s happening on the entertainment seen, you can guess what I am driving at.

Women nowadays kiss and tell, why do something intimate with someone then, later on, expose them for your selfish benefits.

There is this chiq on Instagram who was telling Edgar Obare how she f*cked DJ Mo, she even went ahead to send his nudes!

Do you know what level of trust it takes for a person to trust you with their nudes? And there she was violating the DJ’s privacy and trust.

Forget about the nudes for a second, she smashed him in private, none of us was there, nobody forced her but now she decides to tell us all the gory details.

Stepping out on your partner is wrong but who made you God to judge and pass the sentence? Because this chile was saying DJ Mo has been cheating for so long and she doesn’t care if people found out. She was behaving like DJ Mo didn’t just cheat on his wife with her.

There should be a line on things we can do for clout, and if the line ever existed in the first place people already trampled on it scrambling for fame.

This is not the first time a girl has come out to say she slept with a married man, they are always spilling everything then saying ‘hide my id’.

I don’t have a problem with bloggers, they are doing an excellent job, it is these ones who expose their friends.

The ‘hide my id’ gang has not ruined marriages alone, its killed friendships, businesses, families and a lot of potential partnerships.

Yes, I don’t deny that sometimes people do bad stuff, but who appointed you Chief Justice of human beings?

These people behave like they are so righteous, you are judging people so harshly and maybe skeletons are rotting in your closet.

There is a sense of entitlement these people have, it’s so annoying. This ‘hide my id’ gang almost ruined Jalango’s marriage, Mwakideu also felt their rath and list goes on.

They usually target celebrities, these secrets they spill sometimes bring irreversible damage.

The funny thing is that when a scandal blows out and secrets start spilling out, it’s usually your closest friends who open the drain.

Your friends know you inside out, you have trusted them with your deepest secrets, if only you knew they will tell Edgar Obare everything when push comes to shove. Sometimes your closest friends are your worst enemies, sad state of affairs.

Now Edgar is doing a good job, but this thing he keeps saying of "Fixing marriages’’, what right does he have to even think marriage needs fixing, is he God?

He is actually encouraging people to keep stabbing their friends in the back and bring him more secrets.

People are now even excited about spilling secrets in the name of ‘tea’, what happened to trust? There is nothing good you will gain by betraying your friend in the name of fixing their lives.

Secrets are private, hence its name and it should remain so. Folks right now crave for clout and drama so much that they would hurt people closest to them.

Blogging has been there for a long time, people love it because it is quick and reliable. It has now been twisted with people who just love drama, it’s like they get off when people’s lives are destroyed.

Cheating is not a crime but its still wrong, that however doesn’t give us any right to break up people’s marriages. Yes, you had sex with a married man, so you want a trophy ama?

I suggest you shut up and mind your own business, the truth will always reveal itself. We can’t be ruining people’s lives in the name of the tea, we can do better.

Just for a minute imagine if someone exposed your secrets, how would you feel? Nobody made you God, just be a human, like you were meant to be.