Media personality Jacque Maribe has spoken about her relationship with Jowie Irungu.

The two were the talk of the town after their very public engagement. They were the quintessential 'couple goals'.

Until the brutal murder of Monicah Kimani. Her lifeless body was found dumped in her bath tab, hands and feet bound and her throat slit, ear to ear.

Maribe and Jowie were charged with her murder.

Speaking to True Love magazine about her life, Maribe who is the cover girl was asked about Jowie.

"Who is that?" She said.


" 'I don't talk about that man. One because we have a court gag and there is no way of speaking about him and not giving details of what happened. And second, I really just don't care about him at all."

Grab your digital copy of the magazine to read about her relationship with Eric Omondi, the father of her son.

Jowie was recently interviewed by Radio Jambo's Massawe Jappani and he was hear pressed to talk about Maribe.

Asked if he keeps in touch with his ex-fiance, Maribe. A hesitant Jowie said,

"I believe business ya Jacque is not my business actually subscribe, like and share her posts. I have nothing against her. I don't keep in touch with her, I use Ella's phone, my sim card has only 15 people. I love being alone."

Would you still be together with her?

"I don't think so. It is God's will."

Massawe asked Eleanor Musangi, Jowie's current wife, how she felt when Jowie proposed to Jacque Maribe.

She said,

"I was cool," Eleanor added, "Jowie was not with me when he was with Jacque. I was not a threat to Jacque and she is not a threat to me. Our relationship is divine."

Massawe asked, Eleanor if she has forgiven Jowie for engaging Maribe and coming back to her?

"I forgave him...there was nothing to forgive I was not there in Jacque's era. Apart from being the wife, I'm his manager and our relationship is rooted in serving God."