With the negative effects of the pandemic on the economy and the rapid rise of unemployment around the world, the global workplace has become even more competitive. It is therefore important to have qualifications and skills that make you stand out, to secure a good job and salary. A British Master’s degree, which is internationally recognised and highly valued by employers, definitely makes a professional stand out from the rest.

Of course you may think, ‘British degrees cost an arm and a leg’, or ‘ How can I travel now, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, to the UK?’

All of these thoughts may be valid, but Unicaf offers you an affordable way to earn a British Master’s degree, without giving up your job, or leaving your home and family.

The Unicaf Scholarship Programme offers generous scholarships and flexible payment plans to study online with one of Unicaf’s three partner universities in the UK: the University of Suffolk, Liverpool John Moores University, or the University of East London.

The Unicaf Virtual Learning Environment provides access to study materials 24/7, contact with internationally qualified tutors and opportunities for networking with professionals in 156 countries.

If you really want to advance in your career with a British Master’s degree, with Unicaf you can! Because you get to study from home, in your own free time, at an affordable cost, without disruptions to your professional or family life.

Through your computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone Unicaf provides a gateway to the magical world of British university education.

By choosing Unicaf for a British Master’s degree, you can build the career and life of your dreams! Find out more .