Unmasked! Meet Salem the biological dad to Jowie's daughter with Eleanor - Photos

Piece by: Peninah Njoki

It has now been confirmed that Joseph Irungu alias Joiwe is not the biological father to Eleanor Musangi's daughter as earlier presumed.

Jowie and Musangi caught many by surprise when they revealed they have a daughter.

What shocked many is that the daughter's age and the time the couple had known each other did not correspond.

A Kenyan man identified as David bin Salem is the biological dad, he and Musangi dated for two years before going their separate ways.

Speaking in a recent interview Musangi revealed that she and Jowie had met through divine intervention.

When asked about their daughter with Jowie and when she was conceived, Eleanor said she was not comfortable speaking about it.

Why would she not want to talk about it when she had gone public about her affair with Jowie?

Below are photos of Musangi and her ex husband.

Jowie recently opened up on how Eleanor stood by him even when he was remanded at Kamiti maximum prison for the murder of the late Monicah Kimani.

Even when his 'friends' deserted him, Eleanor stuck around.

Let's wait and see how this loves story ends.