Comedian Njoro famous from the drama show 'Papa Shirandula' is trending after a photo of him looking devastated at Charles Bukeko's funeral.

Njoro who had attended Papa Shirandula's burial in Busia wore a simple t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans.

The photo left many heartbroken with some claiming that he is broke.

Well, speaking to, Njoro says he is not stressed up neither is he depressed.

"People are concentrating on my dress code but some things don't really matter to me. Why should I be depressed yet I have a family which looks up to me," he said.

Njoro lives in his own farm at Rongai Olosirkon area.

He has a wide range of produce in which he sells to different supermarkets, and is super rich.

Apart from being an actor, Njoro works in radio where he is paid well and does paid adverts.

He says he is still coming to terms with the demise of his long time friend, Papa Shirandula.

"I am fine but still struggling with the death of Papa Shirandula.

We have buried him but I have not accepted it," he said.

"Some people give you ‘notice’ maybe they were sick but when someone just dies, it’s hard to accept."

Check out the mansion comedian Njoro owns;