A housekeeper at Jaha Guest House where Tecra Muigai and her boyfriend Omar Lali were staying has said he found a sizable amount of blood on the stairs.

He  told the investigators that when he went to clean the house at 7.30am on the fateful day (when Tecra fell off the stairs) he found no one but spotted a sizeable blood drop on the stairs' base towards the second floor.

The Keroche Breweries heiress’ mobile phone and laptop were on the couch while the boyfriend’s was switched off.

The caretaker said he reported the odd situation to the manager.

Mr Lali reportedly asked them to clean the blood and the rest of the house “since it was just a minor incident”.

Tecra, the daughter of Keroche Breweries CEO Tabitha Karanja, died in May in what was reported as an accident.

She suffered cerebral oedema resulting from a fall on April 27 from a staircase at a house she shared with Lali in Lamu.

She had been in a romantic relationship with Omar Lali at the time of her death but details of their relationship only emerged after her death.