Early this week K24 fired  many of it's employees over redundancy claims, the problem was however that the firing was done via text.

In a text seen by Mpasho, a text sent by a Mr Wandera asked the former staff to meet him at Emory Hotel to discuss the employment issue further.

'Hi. This is Wandera from HR. I am contacting you with regards to the redundancy notice issued on 21st of May 2020.

The notice period has expired. Unfortunately your position has been affected by way of redundancy.

I would like to invite you to Emory hotel in Kileleshwa tomorrow, Monday 22 at 9:30am to discuss what this means to your employment.

When you get to the hotel kindly ask for me.

We thank you for your indulgence and cooperation in this matter.'

Mwalimu King'ang'i was not thrilled at how the company sacked the employees and said if he was to be fired he would prefer being told to his face.

'The day you decide to fire me, don't send me an SMs, I can even be driving or doing something that might cause an accident.

Lets get this straight, you don't do that sh#t to me, call me for a drink and when I am high drop the news.

Some things can kill you'

Prominent radio personality Maina Kageni was also not thrilled and below was his take on the entire issue.

'Shame on you, how can you do that. How can you ask someone to meet you at a certain hotel and then drop such news?'

Those who got the dreaded text message at K24 include, among others, Kiswahili news anchor Nancy Onyancha (she broke the news on her Instagram), Job Mwaura assignments/Swahili Editor, Ken Wariahe (Swahili Anchor and Editor).

Isabella Kituri (Anchor/Swahili Editor), Caroline Wambui (acting Managing Editor), Shukri Wachu (Education/Crime Reporter), Apollo Kamau (Political Reporter), Mercy Milanoi (Business Reporter).

Joy Kiruki ( Features Editor), Gloria Milimu (Health Reporter) and Kimani Githuku (reporter).

Others are Features Reporter Dennis Matara, Sports anchor Tony Kwalanda as well as Fred Indimuli (9pm News Anchor/Editor).

They will be replaced by new recruits poached from Switch TV and TV47 set to premier of K24.