Vanessa Hausa comes off as a naive girl brought up in a very shielded home, but in real life she is the exact opposite of her screen character on Maria.

Vanessa whose real name is Wanjiku Stephens loves travelling, she is also a fashion stylist.

This is evident through her top notch sense of fashion portrayed in her photos.

She also enjoys dancing and she describes herself as a dancer, whether she does it for fun or professionally we are not sure.

In the show Maria which airs on Citizen TV, Vanessa is a girl from a rich family who is in love with Silas, a guy from the ghetto.

She is willing to do anything to make the relationship survive but most times she ends up breaking his heart.

Her biggest competitor is Maggie a girl whom Silas opts to date after his mum pushes him into it.

Below are photos of Vanessa away from the screens.