'My ex almost made me sell my soul to the devil and join the brotherhood,'- Bamboo

Piece by: Peninah Njoki

Victoria Kimani's brother and legendary Kenyan rapper Simon Kimani alias Bamboo has in an interview with TV47 talked about how he almost sold his soul to the devil in the US.

Bamboo who was back in the day known for songs such as 'Usilete Compe' said he was lucky to escape the devils hold.

'I joined the music industry in 1997, Entertainment took me cross the world.

The music bug has always been in our family so I got into music while still in high school and the doors just kept opening up for me.

I joined K-South but at some point I went solo and did 'Usilete Compe' which allowed me to travel back to the US.

I had grown in the US from childhood to around 15 years.'

Bamboo added,

'When I travelled back to the US I started touring and met international superstars such as Akon, Jarule among others behind the scenes.'

Asked on how he was almost initiated into  a cult of brotherhood, Bamboo said,

'They never come out to your face, they are very subtle.

One sells their souls through compromising their integrity.

I got to the edge through a young lady I was dating at the time.

She listened to my music and she was like

''You have the skill to do this thing, but I know why you have not blown up, it's because you have not joined the brotherhood.''

She then took me to a Santeria priest, they are really big in America when it comes to music.

Santeria is a form of witchcraft.'

Bamboo went along but was not prepared for what he saw.

'We were living in Brooklyn and she took me to his (santeria) shop and he had all things of things candles and photos of different saints.

Candles for dreams, romance, witchcraft curses, incents, charms and statues.

At the counter where you are supposed to pay there is an angel of death, there are dollar bills and more dollar bills.

She took me there and I was to be baptized into brotherhood and things would start going my way.

I was hesitant and it looked like a door of opportunity. The priest asked of I was ready but a little voice told me that once I cross the line there is no going back.'


'I told them to give me time to think about it, and used the excuse that I need to buy some of their books to understand better what they are all about.

I left that shop.

The brotherhood does not allow you in unless you are willing to do anything to get in.

They lure you to do things like homesexuality and then blackmail you.'

Asked on whether there are African artistes he knows who have already sold their souls, Bamboo responded,

'There are also African artistes who have sold their souls to the devil, One of the famous artistes in Uganda introduced my wife to lucifer.

His name is Chameleone. Spiritually he is a high level soccerer.

After the first attempt to get me to sell my soul the devil tried again, all the doors that had been opened before shut.

Things that I would easily do became so hard.'

In numerous interviews, Jose Chameleone has denied he is a member of any cult.

Bamboo went a head to outline the benefits he was offered to join the brotherhood.

'I would meet different people whom I looked upto. I was talented and they knew it so they opened the door for me.

If they know they can make money off you.

they make you write for them or their artiste and they introduce you to other people in return.

They promised me success. I lost my house, car, ATM cards would get swallowed by the machines.'

Bamboo has since gotten saved snd reclaimed his life, he is also happily married.

Listen to the entire interview below