Sheila Mwanyigha has revealed a side of her that is intimate in a bid to encourage anyone out there who is feeling down.

Sheila recalled the day when she survived a car crash that left her left eye stitched 19 times. It would take alot of scrutiny to notice the scar on her face.

She shared a picture that tried to show the scar which has already healed encouraging anyone with a scar to embrace and love it.

In a past post-Sheila wrote about the 2007 road accident:

"A car crash left me with this scar from 19 stitches on the corner of my left eye. I shall not complain: look what an accident did to ‪#‎LeftEye‬ ‪#‎ThankYouGod‬ ‪#‎AliveAndLiving‬. ‪#‎WearingMyScars‬."

Adding, "It’s barely visible and it happened a while back. I just want to encourage you to keep going no matter the scars you carry. God is still looking out for you!”

Sheila went on to reveal that complications arose 10 years later from the road accident.

"This month marks 10 years since I was involved in a car accident in Mwea and had to be air lifted to Nairobi for surgery. I got 19 stitches down my left eye, and endured bouts of pain and physiotherapy over the years.

Eventually complications from that accident resulted in back surgery last year, and being on the move now, is not something I take for granted.

It’s tempting to hide our scars as they remind us of the pain we have gone through, and remind us that we don’t look or feel the same anymore. But scars are also a reminder of strength. That we got through the tough times. That we were not made to look or feel the same forever. That we are still alive, and because of that, can be even better and greater than before.

I’m wearing my scars. Wear yours too! 👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽


Sheila's post encouraged many. Check out their take on scars...

Carolyn Nikky: Keep moving #Sheila, but you know what you have been my role model for so long💕almost to change my name n be called like you 😍😍😍. You are the conquerer👊

Annastacia Musili wrote, "Soooo encouraging, this reminds me on how I lost my front teeth back 2005 when I was only 13 years old, I really cried my tears to sleep seeing a gap that I was not expecting at all, I had to accept though coz I couldn't change the situation...."

Kadenyi Sharon: Me I love you mama... You are my very ambitious role model that every day I watch your shows my day just brightens up.... Your strength amazes me... May God grant you more living years

Oremmah Wanjoro: Scars shows our strengths scars are beautiful

James Wachira: Pole for the accident. I never noticed until you mentioned. Your beauty as a person has always prevailed.

Mary Nthiori: Flawless and beautiful.

Steve Cidwell: wow! you still look gorgeous after all that.