Zari predicted this! What Tanasha should expect from Diamond as a co-parent

Piece by: Grace Kerongo

After Tanasha Donna walked out on Diamond Platnumz, her life took a different turn.

She was trolled online for leaving with many blaming her for even daring to fall for a bad boy.

Truth is, everyone goofs once in this lifetime, and the best thing we can all do is learn from the mistake and move on.

Lucky for Tanasha, she already has two glaring precedents set by Diamond on how things will go from here on after the breakup.

Diamond has proven without a doubt he is not a father who will attend the kids' sports day, or have a chat with the teachers to find out how the child is fairing at school.

Nor will he make time for his children, if it means it will affect his tour schedule.

What he will instead do, is use the kids to gain him more fans and "ooohs and ahhhh" from adoring female fans who think he is such a caring father.

Zari Hassan, who is the mother of Diamond's first two children claimed, he would call the children not so much to chat with them, but to screenshot the video call for an Instagram post.

Zari said Diamond is a deadbeat dad, who doesn't provide “financial or emotional support for the children".

Here are things Tanasha should expect from Diamond as a co-parent.

  1. Zari was right when she said, prepare yourself to be a single mother. He may not provide for her child. Zari and Hamisa are a testament to this. They have both branded him a dead beat. This is despite the fact that he is a man of numerous means.
  2. He will not make time to jet in and out of Kenya to see his child unless of course, there is a show here and he has some extra time. And he feels like it will give him more media attention, then he will do it.
  3. He will not commit to any parental plan, he will expect you to understand that he will make time when he makes time. Zari in a past interview revealed, "I remember giving you the nanny's numbers and that of the house if you ever need to call the children. Even when they kept calling asking you to call you never did even if you were texted and told that Tiffah is crying. It got to a point where you blocked them."
  4. He will not pay rent for you or buy you a house. If he does, he will let the whole world know and you will not be allowed to bring any baes into that house. Ask Zari.
  5. If he does pay rent for you, don't contradict him. If you do, he will stop paying rent. Ask Hamisa about this. Diamond paid rent for her posh apartment, after a few months he stopped.
  6. Get ready for Diamond and his minions to character assassinate you.
  7. If you must take him to the children's court as Hamisa did. Or go the Zari way and just provide for your child without the aggravation of pushing him to support his flesh and blood.

In the past, Zari accused Diamond of clout chasing by claiming that she was unfaithful to cover up that he is a dead beat dad.

She called him out for blocking his children's phone numbers.

"From my side, we have forgotten you. You do not exist. You don't have contact with the kids because you decided not to. Your ego does not let you. Emotionally and financially we don't get any support. So, I don't understand where you get the audacity to go on national radio in your country and accuse me of having all these affairs. When you are the one who had affairs in our bed, in the house that I furnished."

She warned, "Out of respect, stay in your lane. Do you. My mama raised me better than that. I never wanted to address the issues apart from the black rose (when she dumped him). You want to justify your wrongs by accusing me of having affairs."

Zari even revealed that Sandra Kassim - his mum - is the only one who consistently called the children to the point where Diamond asked that she stops posting about it because it made him look bad.