Ni kama ritual: Bizarre things Diamond does after breaking hearts

Piece by: Grace Kerongo

Dating Diamond Platnumz is an extreme sport. You will end up with an injury at best and a shattered heart and psych at worst.

Many women have survived him and they have lived to tell the tale.

At the moment, Kenya's singer and model, Tanasha Donna is experiencing the full wrath of dumping Diamond Platnumz.

Here is a list of the weird and bizarre sequence of activities that normally take place once Diamond is dumped or dumps someone.

  1. Gossip pundits claim that Tanasha refused to partake in any ritualistic activities and that was the day that relationship died. In her breakup post, Tanasha said, she will not "sell her soul". She also described dating Diamond to a "dance with the devil".
  2. Diamond gets into another relationship almost immediately after a breakup. Most likely with the woman he has been cheating with. Like in the case of Zari, it was Hamisa.

  3. He turns around and accuses you of outlandish things to shift focus from his own shortcomings. Diamond went on live radio and accused Zari of cheating with Nigerian star, Peter Okoye. When he also broke up with Hamisa, he branded her a witch who used charms to get him to bed. We can only wait with bated breath to hear his narrative on Tanasha.
  4. He uses the breakup controversy to push his music projects. Like they say art imitates life. He unleashed a song dubbed 'The One' telling Tanasha not to be cowed by people who want to spoil their relationship. He will not waste a heartbreak, why not use it for financial profit.
  5. He also breaks up with his children. He doesn't differentiate the difference between being a father and a lover. Zari and Hamisa claim that he rarely makes time for his children, if at all. This is also extended to financial help. Hamisa took him to children's court where he was compelled to pay for her child's upkeep.

  6. He brags about dumping the women. Recently at a press conference, Diamond said, "Hawa kina dada wenyewe vitu vizuri wanavijua bwana kwani unafikiria walishikiwa fimbo kumpenda Diamond? Walijua bwana huyu mtu hatari."
  7. Maina Kageni his BFF said on his Classic 105 breakfast show that "He told me he is a superstar with a high se3 drive, and he even told Zari that she better move to Tanzania or else you know what will happen. That's the kind of person he is. He doesn't attach any emotion to z3x, and he can't understand why women get angry, he doesn't know." Diamond always justifies his errant ways to anyone who listens.
  8. Diamond's stepfather, Uncle Shamte, to celebrate his freedom.