Investigating detectives have uncovered a plot by killers of Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei to cover their tracks.

The slain police who was attached to the office of Deputy President William Ruto was shot by three men who then stage-managed it to look like a suicide.

Here is what they did to try and get away with murder.

  1. The investigators told a section of the media that the three assassins made an effort to flush out all the data in Kenei's phone. Their intent was to ensure that police cannot find any data that could trace the people Kenei last spoke to, hours before his murder.
  2. The assassins penned a bogus suicide note. Investigators claim it was not written by Kenei as they have proof of his handwriting which was compared with the suicide note.

  3. They sent a lot of money to the family to throw them off.
  4. A post-mortem carried out on Kenei's body on February 26 revealed that he died from a single gunshot wound. What the government pathologist could not verify was who pulled the trigger.
  5. The assassins deleted Kenei's social media accounts to also wipe out any evidence kenei may have left on his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Kenei was found dead on February 20, two days after communicating with his kin at his house in Villa Franca Estate in Imara Daima.