Mpasho has gotten a hold of a partial list of contributions for Papa Dennis' funeral contributions.

It is not clear when the leaked screenshot was taken but it details how much each artiste contributed towards Papa Dennis' final send-off.

During the funeral on February 19, 2020 at  Matunda, Ringtone called out artiste for not supporting their own.

He also went ham on Sadat Muhindi who skipped Papa Dennis’ funeral and posted a photo of himself in the business class section of a plane to Dubai. This was on the day of the burial.

Ringtone went in hard on Sadat.

“This issue of promoters using artistes to enrich themselves should come to an end. When the artiste suffers, they are nowhere to be seen. Sadat posted a photo on social media on his way to Dubai. He did not support Papa Dennis’ send off and when we set a meeting to contribute money for Dennis’ send-off, he said the hotel where we were in was too filthy for him so he left to plan his own funeral committee only to bring back Ksh 6000.”

However, in the leaked screenshot for the funeral contributions, Sadat contributed Ksh 20,000.

However, it is not all gloom and doom as a-list celebrities came together and contributed towards Papa Dennis' funeral.

Starehe MP Jaguar also donated a bus to ferry mourners to Kakamega.

Here is the partial list that has been leaked of the artistes that donated.