Ni uchungu! Kisumu couple commit suicide 4 days after their wedding

Some suspected the possible motive was money issues

Piece by: Caren Nyota

• The story shocked many Kenyans who wondered what could have gone wrong.

Wedding rings
Image: Beatriz Pérez Moya on Unsplash

A couple in Kisumu has committed suicide four days after their wedding. According to sources, the couple allegedly took their lives because they weren't able to pay a huge debt they incurred after their nuptials.

The story has shocked many igniting mixed reactions.  Some of them are below;

Musoga Ebby You force your kids "lazima harusi", the society wants harusi, peer pressure harusi,.......endeleeni kunisengenya mukingojea yangu

Keisha Wamuyu Actually one can do a church wedding if at all you feel you need a pastor to bless your union but not in a big ceremonious show-off kind of thing. I've seen pastors wakishikanisha the couple with just the relevant people like parents and the witnesses and you're good to go. Hii mambo ya show off ndio ilileta shida coz one wants to do something like how so and so did. A simple thing is enough and you enjoy your marriage without all this debts za kufurahisha watu. I wish they knew this they couldn't have all these problems coz a wedding is just a ceremony, marriage is what lasts a lifetime.

Sarah Shiroh  Most of the people want to please the crowd by doing a classic wedding which is then followed by debts. May that RIP

Monic Miano This is where I say scratch yourself as far as your hands can reach people can disappoint you if you base your trust in them R.I.P love birds you didn't have to kill yourselves hata Kenya has huge debts and we are still hopeful we shall overcome comfort to your family and friends 😥

Kalondu Mutune They did a big wedding to please their friends and family. Traditional marriage is just enough

David Alex 1. Wedding is a party and it's a non-value adding to a marriage

2. It's very hard for two people to agree to commit suicide. Very hard

John Jones Never seek public glory at the expense of personal pain. Never. Nobody will kill you for not doing a wedding. If you can't afford a wedding, "Go and Stay".

Langa Jnr For God's sake surely one's own life cannot be equated to any amount of debt... May their souls rest in peace

Marion Kigo If you cannot afford an expensive wedding, si you just go to the AG. Less than 5k and you done. It's sad that we live in a world where pleasing others is more important than our own sanity. May they rest in peace

Philip Depay Korcholia It's good for people to stick to their lanes. Don't go beyond your ability. Wedding day people will ululate, next day you're alone with your family and debt. Don't fall into the trap of peer pressure. Know yourself first. May their souls RIP.

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