Prisoner! 'Binti Kiziwi' video vixen still in prison over drugs

Piece by: Queen Serem

The famous 'Binti Kiziwi' video vixen is still in custody in China, even after reports had it that she was going to be freed in September this year.

The vixen, who hit the headlines after being featured by the legendary Z-Anto, was jailed after being found with cocaine at the Hong Kong Airport.

Her real name is Sandra Khan.

Speaking to Yo Fave on Monday, Z-Anto said, "I really don't have the complete information because I was told that in September, she would have gotten out of jail. She is still in China and I think that she is still in jail."

Z-Anto says he wasn't in communication with his ex-lover before the tragedy.

"Yes. It is true that she got arrested over being found with drugs. I really didn't do anything to get her out because three years before that, we had broken up. We hadn't communicated for all that long, neither was I close to her family members," he said. Adding, "Personally, I don't do drugs."

He made headlines in the mid-2000s with the songs 'Binti Kiziwi', 'Mpenzi Jini' and 'Kisiwa Cha Malavidavi'.

He says his presence in the music industry at the time was faced with a lot of challenges.

"I can ever blame the media for my downfall. However, in any game, there are highs and lows. The downfall of my music was because of challenges in the music industry and furthermore, I didn't have beef with anyone," he said.

He says his relationship with Ali Kiba in his heyday was part of the music.

"We had a healthy competition. When we met, we used to have great conversations and jokes besides our public conflict. Music kinds of beef can be seen, but business beef becomes so serious."

Anto was once reported to have been stranded in Kenya, a situation he cleared the air about.

"There was a Kenyan artiste that I really trusted. He invited me to his event and it didn't really do well, so what this guy did was run with my money," he said.

"There are other people who saw what happened to me and invited me to their shows, which were successful. That's how I got my money back."