'Lets not let another comedian die,' Churchill show's Zeddy cries out

Piece by: Grace Kerongo

After the sudden and mysterious death of Churchill Raw comedian Njenga Mswahili, fellow comedienne Zeddy - real name Zainabu Zeddy - has spoken up about what may have led to his death.

The Churchill Raw comedian Njenga Mswahili - whose real name is Anthony Njenga - was found dead on November 7, in Ndonyo Market, Dagoretti South, after allegedly being hit by a train.

Sources told that "He was struggling with drug addiction and had gone to rehab but it never worked out. His death is alleged to have been a suicide as the star was depressed and having a rough time in life."

‘I was reflecting on my life…’ Last words of Churchill Raw’s Njenga Mswahili

In a tribute post, Zeddy also alluded to the same. She wrote:

"Sijui nianzie wapi aki! Nko na makasiriko mengi saa hii 😥 tutapoteza Wasanii wangapi juu ya Depression!!! Rip Bro😪 ingawa sijui kilicho kufika but najua depression imechangia sana. Ombi langu kwa Jamaa na Familia tuoneni kama nyinyi tu msiweka matumaini mengi kwetu sababu tunatafuta Riziki kama nyinyi tu!

(I don't know where to start. I'm so angry. How many more entertainers are we going to lose to depression? RIP bro. Even though I don't know what got to know but I know depression played a huge role. My prayer to family and friends, don't heap too much pressure and expectations on us, because, just like you we are also hustling.)"

She added, "Nikipata na nunua Githeri yangu 30 ninunua Avocado vitu ni tafauti sana kwa ground! Pressure ipungue jameni tafauti yangu na wewe ni tv tu!

(When i get some money, I buy Githeri and for Ksh 30, avocado. Things are really different on the ground. reduce the pressure, guys. The difference between me and you is being on TV. That is all.)"

She continued, "Lakini kimfuko labda unanizidi so ukiwa na Rafiki ama Familia ambaye anafanya Standup pliz pliz mweke karibu sana. Wasanii tunapitia mda mrefu sana...wengi wanaogopa kuongea lakini tutapoteza Wasanii wangapi??

(Most times you probably earn more than I do. So if have a friend or relative who does stand-up please keep them close, and check up on them. As creatives, we go through a lot, yet we keep silent, because we are afraid of speaking up. I ask again, how many more artistes are we going to lose in this manner?"

Zeddy also pointed out that there is a comedian who has also fallen off the radar and is afraid something could have gone wrong.

"Kwasasa namtafuta mmoja wetu Kasee ukiwa na habari kumhusu Dm pliz..before Rip nyingine ni hayo tu. Rip Njenga Mswahili koma thayo jaba🙏. (For now, I'm looking for another comedian, Kasee. If you have any information of how I can get hold of him, DM me...before we start posting more RIP messages.) 

Here are past videos of Kasee on the Churchill show.