There is a saying that goes, in life, there are no permanent enemies.

Well, this clearly seems to be the case for Tanzanian music rivals Diamond Platnumz and Harmonize.

Over the weekend, during the birthday of Tanzanian actress, Aunty Ezekiel, Diamond was spotted dancing and lip-syncing to Harmonize's latest track Uno.

This comes after Harmonize had to sell his property to pay off WCB inorder to get out of his contract with the label.

In the song, Harmonize alleges that Zari is still pining for Diamond's attention and love.

"Come slowly, to avoid hurting yourself. Diamond Platnumz's 'Uno' is making Zari lose weight. (asi kata taratibu tibu usije pata ajali. Uno la Chibu Chibu linamkondesha Zari)," read part of the lyrics.

Harmonize continued, "Uno la Ray C eeeh halinanga mifupa, ukienda DRC kuna Fally Ipupa. Popote wanalimwaga Uno. We jaribu kuchunguzanga, Uno ndo linaleta chaga,yani aeiunooo.”

At the party, Diamond seemed to be taken by the tune that at one point, Diamond raise his hand when it came to the part where Harmonize sings about Zari missing her baby daddy.

It is not clear though if this was a show of support for Harmonize since he still kinda owns part of Harmonize's creations, or he just simply liked the tune and the natural reaction is to jam to it.

Harmonize revealed that he had to sell his property to pay off Diamond to be able to be a free artiste to record and release his music without getting sued.

Watch the clip for yourself below