The, a secret society that is believed to be running the entertainment industry in the United States of America is said to be the cause of the deaths of certain celebrities around the world in the past.

Different famous people have died in the past and even though the cause of their deaths was apparently known, some questions remained unanswered as certain deaths were said to be linked to secret societies which include the Illuminati.

The people whose deaths were linked to the secret society are believed to have been spreading a different message which was contrary to that of the Illuminati and what they were striving to achieve in their “New World Order”.

Here are some of the celebrities believed to have been killed by the Illuminati.

Michael Jackson

You all know the king of pop I presume, he is one of the greatest artists who ever lived and left a legacy in the whole world that up to date his songs are played worldwide.

After his death, so many people tried to explain what happened and wrote articles as well but the question remains, is it truly homicide as stated by Los Angeles County Coroner On August 28, 2009, or something else must have happened.

Michael Jackson one day spoke out against one of America’s music executive who headed Sony Music Entertainment Tonny Mottola, who and I quote referred to him as “A Devil” and some people believe that the issues which were stirring between Michael Jackson and different people in the industry might have led to his demise.

Maybe just maybe he was trying to leave the Illuminati and the way he was exposing people and speaking out was just but the beginning but unfortunately, he met his end, after writing different letters to his friends predicting about his death.

Princess Diana

Being married into the royal family is a big deal to many, others its a dream come true, to others like the late Princess Diana would not change who they really are but would use the new attained title to reach out to people and help them as she raised awareness and advocated ways to help people affected by HIV/AIDS, cancer, and mental illness.

Diana years after her marriage to Prince Charles, believed that she was going to be killed and even predicted the manner in which she would be killed as indicated in the letter that she wrote to Paul Burrell.

After her body guard was murdered she believed that it was a conspiracy that would end up with her being the next in line to be killed.

It was believed that there was a “Royal Rebel” a conflict among the members of the royal family since maybe she might have upset the order which was established.

Was she also upsetting the Illuminati was trying to achieve by helping out people?

Marilyn Monroe

She was known to be a rebel which might have gotten her in trouble. She spent time with those deemed undesirable and even after being warned a couple of times she didn’t care or rather listen to that.

As a result of her movie stardom and great beauty, Monroe came into contact and formed relationships with people of the highest order in the US including the Kennedy’s.

It said that Monroe committed suicide but it is believed that there is more to the story than what is being told. It was known that she was having an affair with Kennedy’s which might be a leading factor to her death.

It is also said that a Chicago mafia might have planned her death to try to pass a message to Robert Kennedy telling him to back off against the mob.

John Lennon

The singer, songwriter, and arguably the most influential Beatles died in a mysterious way.

The Beatles catapulted onto the American scene, eventually becoming the best-selling band in history.

The most radical of the group was undoubtedly John Lennon, and one only has to look as far as his song “Imagine,” which proposes a world without hunger and war, to realize the threat which he posed the establishment.

His desire for change might be the very thing that might have contributed to his own death since he posed as a threat to certain establishments in the industry, that did not want the same for humanity.

Jimi Hendrix

He is one of the most achieved guitarists in history but unfortunately met his demise at the age of 27 after having a drug “overdose” as was said.

Yes! He was abusing different drugs but it was later found out by his manager that he was of more value dead than alive and to him, that was a win.

He had to battle certain traumas that threatened to destroy him and his career since his childhood but these were not the things that led to his demise.

John Bannister the doctor that attempted to revive Hendrix after being brought to hospital unconscious supported the claim that Jimi was murdered which in one way or another was linked to his manager who believed he was of more value dead.