Industrial actions have become a norm in Kenya with different government employees taking to the streets as a means of airing their grievances.

Most of them are usually to gain a concession from their employer (The government) or to get attention when there is a problem.

Below are the 5 strikes that you can expect in Kenya year in, year out.

1. Teachers - Teachers are notorious for strikes, downing their tools up to 2 times every year. I hope they won't strike anytime soon after the government finally increased their salary.

2. University Students - Nairobi University is always on the streets, either because of HELB loan or problems at the campus.

3. Human Rights Activists - When insecurity is on the rise and school lands are being grabbed, human rights activists know how to make the government do something.

4. Doctors - Wait, have they gone on strike this year? Yes, they've been on strike trying to get the government to review their salaries.

5. Nurses - Just like teachers, port workers, and doctors, Nurses are also always on the streets demanding for what rightfully belongs to them.