A Nairobi man has broken down and confessed that he misses his first wife. This is even after he cheated on her with a slay queen.

The city man wrote to a newspaper relationship expert asking for help.

He wrote to Philip Kitoto of Daily Nation saying,

"I am in a big dilemma. My wife and I parted ways after I cheated on her and got a child with another woman. She was furious, especially since we didn’t have a child, yet had lived together for six years.

I packed my stuff and left our matrimonial home, only to return one day to find her in bed with another man. Due to the anger I felt, I married the other woman, since it was obvious that my wife had already moved on.

The problem is that I still want her so badly, and feel that she is the one I should spend the rest of my life with, but I have the other one in my house with my child. This woman knows I don’t love her like I love my former wife, but she has vowed not to let go of me.

My heart is with my first wife, who I still talk to and meet. I am trying to let her go, but I find myself chasing her. Kindly help me figure out how to resolve this destabilising matter."

Huyu anaweza saidika aje?