Artiste Fena Gitu has clapped back at critics who claim she's a lesbian. It all started with a simple post of her wishing her best friend Niyati Patel, Co-Founder Marini Naturals a happy birthday.

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She wrote,

Whether we are running for our lives, or towards our destinies, we'll do it side by side @niyati.patel10. Through thick and thin, you have been loyal, kind and true. Always there to call out my stupid ideas and pat my back on the great ones. All the inappropriate jokes that only we can handle 🤣 All the fun, adventure, laughter, tears, deep wisdom, your random facts about shit, your calm and gentle soul. I love it all. I pray that this new year brings you an abundance of it all... love, joy and blessings tenfold for being such a blessing to us. Friends are chosen family and I will keep choosing you because #iKneadYou bunny ❤😻🐾 Happy Birthday Niya!

Patel responded to Fena's sweet message.

@fenamenal babbbbyyyyyyyy.. the part of Random Facts nearly made me cry. You noticed my random facts. Hahahahah.. thank you for such a beautiful message. Your love, support, friendships are soooo appreciated. I love you so much and I am so blessed to have you in my life. Absolutely NO ONE can replace you! 😘

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The post attracted trolls who trolled Fena Gitu in turns. The Sema Ng'we hitmaker was forced to respond to each and every troll and she didn't mince her words.

Below are some of her savage responses

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