Rich kid Sean Andrew has revealed that he's single.

The model cum actor parted ways with his ex-girlfriend Elodie Zone back in 2017 and it seems since then, he hasn't been lucky with love.

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In his latest post, Sean Andrew, who has been keeping a low profile wrote,

Wishing I had a girlfriend to do all that cheesy stuff with but at the same moment I'm happy with who I am as an individual and what I have and do alone.... It's a paradox of a life time 🙈.

His followers seconded his decisions and some of their comments include;

mamu_chacha Colour ur world 🗺 that's what matters ♥️

emily_luis Enjoy when ur still young

bard_yvonne Who said it’s bad to enjoy your cheesy self alone 🤷🏽‍♀️😂😂

.ev_e Wewe endelea kuringa siku utajipata Ebru TV kwa perfect match utajua hujui😂😂😂😂

official_grace._mungai Being single is amazing 😂😂😂be careful what you wish for

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In a previous post, the rich kid wrote,

Someday you'll laugh at the problems you have now.

Not so long ago Sean revealed that never made the first move with all the women he had been with.

Fun fact, everyone I've ever dated approached me first,' he said during a Q&A with his fans

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