Leaked conversation of Mr Seed's best friend, Ndume, telling star's fan to cover up affair

Piece by: Grace Kerongo

Mr Seed is embroiled in a torrid affair with a female fan who reached out to him to get advice on how to advance her filmmaking career.

The fan who is scared for her life asked Mpasho to protect her identity.

It now turns out, Mr Seed's best friend, gospel singer Ndume, has been caught pants down trying to cover up Mr Seed's indiscretions.

Ndume pointed out that Weezdom is at loggerheads with Mr Seed and the news of the affair will only be used against Seed to bring him down.

"If anything happens to Seed, it happens to me, I also have to be selfish about my brand, as much as it is small, that is where I make my money from.

Adding, "[If anyone asks] just tell them it is none of your business. With time people forget."

When called for comment Mr Seed denied knowing the fan saying he is a married man.