President Uhuru Kenyatta is pissed like hell.

Today, he has called out his political detractors and corrupt leaders.

The commander-in-chief told them off using his mother tongue.

It was as crass as crass can be.

Speaking at Kasarani, he said, "Mikora ino tuthurite ireka siasa matigecirie ndi kihii kiao. Matikundugamia barabara iria ndithondekeire. Matianjariirie kura ninii ndecariirie. Giko giki gitige kundanga. Matigecirie nikundica mandicaga. Ngamaruta nginya kuu mari. Nikio ndatiganire na magathiiti na ma facebook macio. we!"

For those who don't understand Kikuyu, here is a translation of his candid post.

"All these 'criminals' we elected and are only politicking should not think I am their (uncircumcised) boy. These thugs that we elected are busy politicking," Uhuru said.

Adding, "They will not stop me from finishing the road that I have started. They will not stop me from travelling the road (the objective I have) I have constructed for myself and where I want to take Kenyans. They didn't look for votes on my behalf. I went looking for my votes. This rubbish should stop bothering me."

As a warning shot, Uhuru continued with his rant, "They should not think they are threatening me. I will flush them out from where they are. That is why I stopped bothering with newspapers or those Facebooks of theirs."