Musician Avril has opened up about her motherhood journey and addressed the issues of the relationship between her and her baby daddy, who still remains unknown.

Speaking during an interview with Radio Jambo on Friday, Avril said motherhood is amazing. She said,

The journey has been amazing but the transition was not easy being a career woman.

I always wanted a family, but sometimes life happens. However, I do not regret that I ended up with a baby daddy rather than a complete family.


Avril said she is in good terms with her baby daddy. She said,

Even if we never get to officiate the union, I would still be content because we are still family. He was actually present during my delivery although he was not allowed into the delivery room.

She continued,

My baby daddy is very responsible and very present in my sons's life, the reason why I keep him private is because I do not feel like it's necessary."

Avril said her ex - Leslie Mugadza - liked their relationship being publicised, but she prefers her privacy. She said,

It was his way of telling everybody 'she is mine'. He was a foreigner and he felt us putting our relationship out to the public gave him some form of security

Asked on whether J Blessing is her baby daddy, Avril avoided the question. She said,

Those are just rumours but I will not clarify or talk about it. J Blessing and I have a very good working relationship.

dontHe has actually shot 4 of my videos.